Winthrop BCM

SIX20 Prayer Initiative

Thank you for praying for Winthrop BCM and our efforts to impact the campuses of Winthrop, York Tech, and Clinton College for the cause of the Gospel. Over the past several years, we have seen God move in an amazing way on the Rock Hill area campuses.  We have seen students place their faith in Jesus, grow in their faith and be bold about sharing that faith with fellow students and with people all around the world.  We believe that God began this movement by placing on our hearts the necessity and importance of prayer.  We have seen specific answers to prayers we have prayed and believe God is not finished moving on campus.

We would like to ask you to join with us in praying for the Rock Hill campuses.  Those campuses are Winthrop University, York Technical College, and Clinton College.  By joining the SIX20 initiative, you are praying that God would continue to do amazing things on our campuses through BCM (located at 620 Oakland Ave.).

We are seeking partners in two areas: personal and church-wide.  For a personal partner, we are seeking 31 people who will each take one day a month to commit to pray over our campuses.  For church-wide we are seeking partners who will commit to lead their churches to praying through a given month in different ways (corporate, small groups, and individuals).  For each type of partner, we will provide both general and specific requests to guide your prayer time.

To be a part, please sign up below and we will be in touch with specifics as to how and when you can begin praying!