Winthrop BCM

Who are we?

Thanks for visiting our website!  We are currently updating our content, so be sure to check back in over the coming weeks.  If you want more information until then, be sure to check out our Facebook Page.

Winthrop BCM is a group of students here to accomplish a simple mission: Love God and love our campus.  We believe that concise statement is loaded with a broad spectrum of applications.  We express our love of God through worship, service, and actively becoming more like Jesus.  We express our love for our campus by serving others and sharing with them the greatest gift we have ever been given.  And we do all of this filled with a joy and excitement that cannot be matched.

If you are already a Christ-follower or curious as to what we are all about, come join us for a free meal one Thursday night during the semester at 7:00 and stay for our Refuge worship gathering.  We are located on Oakland, right across from the President’s house.

BCM is a campus ministry made possible by the churches of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the York Baptist Association and their giving through the Cooperative Program to impact the world.